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Ideas Library - For Your Reference

At Bartlett Law Offices, we work hard to make sure you have peace of mind in all of your dealings with us. We hope our "Ideas Library" of reference materials will be helpful to you.

  • Glove Box Essentials (PDF):  Click this link to view and print the Bartlett Law Offices, APLC, "GLOVE BOX ESSENTIALS KIT" for your car glove box. Although we hope you'll never need it, if you are ever in an auto accident, this kit will help you gather information at the accident scene that can save you later problems with insurers and the police.
  • Secrets about attorney's fees:  You are entitled to know everything about an attorney's fees before you make any decision to hire that attorney! Click this article's title to learn the right questions to ask about attorney's fees -- and how important it is to ask them before you sign any retainer agreement.
  • The Worst Case can be the Sweetest Victory:  How an attorney's homework and creative thinking can sometimes rescue the "worst case.
  • Virtual General Counsel:  A solution for business entities that require efficient, economical legal representation to take them to the next level.

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