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Typical Client Situations -- How We Resolved Them

At Bartlett Law Offices, APLC, we've helped clients in many difficult situations, from business challenges and problems to accidents and personal injuries.

In private law practice in San Diego for over 32 years, attorney Lawrence J. Bartlett of Bartlett Law Offices, APLC, has developed a reputation for an ability to go "toe to toe" against major business and insurance adversaries on behalf of his loyal clients.

Here are some of the typical situations faced by the clients of Bartlett Law Offices, APLC, with some of the solutions we've reached for them:*

Problem: Solution:
"I'm worried about what my matter will cost." Call for a free phone consultation. We will take the time to analyze your case and clarify the cost.
"I'm confused! Do I or don't I speak to the insurance claims person that keeps calling about my auto accident case?" Give them our number. They are prohibited from contacting you further. We will provide all appropriate information only in a thorough and professional manner.
"The insurance carrier won't settle my legitimate auto accident, personal injury, or property damage claims." Let us, as experienced counsel, prepare a demand, which includes a thorough, state-of-the-art, rendition of damages, complete with the theory of liability and sufficient back up for the damage claim. Our bank of reference material on injury claims or resources in assessing property damages claims really helps to persuade cooperation. If this is unsuccessful, we offer alternate dispute resolution or proceed with a lawsuit, if necessary.
"A book publishing company sent me a complicated publishing agreement. I know I am in way over my head." Submit the agreement for a thorough legal review listing your top objectives, concerns and interests. This would permit us to analyze the agreement with an eye towards your interests and rights. Retain a lawyer with over 30 years negotiating experience. Allow us to make the best deal possible for you.
"A customer refused to pay for services I provided and now has transferred his assets to a third party." In many scenarios, this customer has now created an opportunity for you to proceed against him and the person that he transferred the assets to. His actions in attempting to hide assets may give you the right to extra damages which may be permitted for this circumstance called a "fraudulent conveyance."
"I'm very capable as a businessman in my particular area, but this new lease that my landlord had given me has me confounded." Carefully note your interests and objectives. Let us highlight those areas of dangerous economic exposure and evaluate the fairness of this agreement for your needs.
"I'm thinking of starting a party supply store, but quite frankly, I don't know the difference between partnership and a party favor." Choice of entity decisions are the foundation for your future business in the future. The decisions you make now, with the help of our office, can eliminate problems down the road.
"I think my partner is stealing merchandise out the back door and selling it on his own account." Have our office retain an investigator and a fraud auditor to "get the goods" on the partner and attempt an easier resolution in court.
"My son was killed in a drive-by shooting as he exited his car. The gunman hasn't been found and so we are apparently without a place to recover for these injuries?" Let our office explore creative alternatives. Your son may be covered by his own uninsured motorist coverage.
"Someone obtained a credit card in my name. Now the company demands I pay the bills." Let us demand to see the original credit card application and make an agreement that if the signatures don't match, the claim will be dismissed.
"My deposition is coming up as a witness or principal in a case and I just don't have a strategy." Get the benefit of more than over 30 years of legal experience and retain our office to outline the rules, plot a strategy and supervise the actual deposition.
"I have been sued for breach of contract and I have no business insurance to mount my defense." Hire our office and permit an economical, ethical lawyer to put the opposition to their proof or to negotiate an economic resolution of the claim.

* Please remember, every situation and every case is different. These examples are not a guarantee. Your situation must be evaluated on its own facts and law, and your result may be different.


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