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Want to Dramatically Increase the Success of Your Emerging Business?
  -- Then “Virtual General Counsel” Could Be Key.

Having “Virtual General Counsel” means having an experienced lawyer on retainer to act as a part of your business management team, but with scalability that is an exact fit to your needs. 

In California, lawyers with general counsel experience of twenty (20) or more years are commanding over $285,000.00 per year on average, statewide.  This is not a manageable sum for a small to medium "start-up" company. Yet, having an attorney’s skilled, experienced, professional oversight of  business strategies and organizational issues, and careful crafting of contracts related to  personnel, facilities, alliances and technology, early in the company's existence can sometimes dictate whether an entrepreneur's dream survives.

Engaging a Virtual General Counsel means having assurance that the necessary legal resources are there when you need them, and are familiar with the intricacies of your business.  However, you avoid the cost of having to employ a full-time General Counsel, because the expense is reduced to reflect that you are using the services only part-time, as needed and agreed upon with your Counsel.

Services available from such an arrangement can include legal monitoring by having your Counsel attend, or review the minutes of, your management meetings or special quarterly business strategy sessions.  This helps ensure that your Counsel’s legal knowledge and experience will steer your company away from potential challenges in the future.  Your Counsel’s familiarity with the strategic objectives of your company also helps make sure that business alliances and simple contracts are structured and drafted in a way that creates agreements that are totally in synchronization with your business needs.  An intimate, “insider’s knowledge” of the personalities of your staff and business partners alike enables your “virtual” General Counsel to apply an extra level of familiarity and insights into all of your company’s deal-making.

Credibility can also be a “value added” during negotiations, when your virtual “General Counsel” not only lends extra skill but also helps your business project an image of competence, credibility and financial wherewithal.  

Making a “Virtual General Counsel” program part of the strategic foundation of your emerging company can be the defining difference between industry juggernaut and corporate “also ran.”

Lawrence J. Bartlett, Esq., of Bartlett Law Offices, APLC provides skilled, experienced Virtual General Counsel services to new businesses and smaller businesses that do not presently need a full-time general counsel.  To learn more, please call our office at (858) 509-0550 for a telephone or in-office consultation.  We look forward to helping you.


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